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What do clients say?

Jason is our fractional chief marketing officer. I came to learn about Jason because he was referred to me by a friend. And she said Jason is going to be really honest with you about whether or not he can help you with your business. So talk to him and see if he has something that will work for you. At that time, I wasn’t looking for a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we were just looking for someone to help us. And the current marketing firm that we were working with, was doing an okay job, but we were having some struggles with communication, their prices were high, and that was putting a strain on our business. I wasn’t really convinced that they were listening to us when I shared my concerns about our business. So when I talked to Jason, I was really just looking for a new marketing firm. Jason explained to me that a fractional chief marketing officer is an entirely different approach to marketing. So he said, I am a member of your team, it’s like you went out and hired me to be part of your leadership team. And then I’ll do all your marketing for you. And you’ll pay whatever the actual cost of that marketing is. So I’m not going to mark anything up, I’ll go ahead and hire teams, and you’ll pay the teams, I’ll place ads, and you’ll pay for the ads, you’ll own all your accounts, you’ll all own all your data, it’s a really different way of working on marketing.

I came to understand that that was going to have a profound impact on me and on our business, as I’ve been wanting to be more involved with our marketing, to have a say, in what we were doing and how we were doing it.We really didn’t have that previously. One of the things that Jason shared with me is that he really wants business owners to be giving him feedback to be involved in the marketing and to be shaping the image of their business for the public. And I feel like, with Jason, we absolutely get to do that.

One of the things that I feel is the biggest difference is his communication. So I hear from Jason, via Basecamp, which is a project management tool that he uses, at least a couple of times a day with small updates. And we meet once a week. Before we really had a struggle with communication with our previous marketing firm, it was hard to even get a meeting with them every month or two months. And I really wasn’t aware of what was happening with our marketing. And I just trusted that they were handling it when we didn’t get results, they would just explain that the reason we weren’t getting results was that our sales team wasn’t as effective as they could be. But I really always questioned that.Jason, he’s always looking at the data. I love that about his approach. He’s always looking for a new way to do marketing, and what’s coming? How are we going to be able to reach customers more effectively, he also looks at how to maximize our advertising dollars. So he’s looking for ways to eliminate people seeing ads, who really don’t need to be seeing our ads to include more people who are our target audience to determine, do we have an opportunity for growth? Where is that opportunity for growth? And when I talked to him about our business, he really listens.

I definitely recommend working with Jason, if you think that you really want to be involved with growing your business, and you really want to be involved with the strategies in order to do so he’s got the expertise to bring those strategies to life and to do that in an honest, forthright, cost-effective way.



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