Google, Yahoo! & Bing — the big three. These commercial search engines run the web traffic game, and they determine the public’s ability to navigate to your website. Of course, social media can help drive traffic, but the big search engines drive the majority of website traffic. Now, you aren’t surprised by this; it’s how you and I navigate through our days.  Products and services, information and engaging content – we only find it by effective SEO execution.

Search engines are invaluable because they drive targeted traffic right to your inbox or dedicated phone number—people looking for exactly what you offer your market. No matter how well your website functions, no matter how stunningly beautiful it is, if search engines don’t recognize your pages or cannot find your site, then they won’t add your content to their databases. We see this happen every day.  It’s a disaster because you missed the connection with the life-long customer … that big-ticket order. So close!

Search queries—or ‘the words typed into the little search box’—mean everything in digital marketing. Your success pivots on developing the right strategy for optimizing.  When executed correctly, ROI on good SEO development is extremely high when compared to other marketing efforts.

You might object with: ‘Google is smart, right? So customers will probably see my site without any significant SEO investment?’

Not so fast. Think of search engines as little insects, like ants, which crawl through the mountains of digital landscape exploring, collecting, and harvesting what they find.  Those little engines are processing so much information that if your pages aren’t developed correctly, they are passed right over, misidentified as junk, or worse – tagged as bogus content.  Those little crawling searchers in the data heaps need to quickly identify your pages as ‘high-quality goods’ to take back and share.  So you see, the right SEO can net you thousands of visitors and significant attention, whereas the wrong moves can hide, bury, cloak your site so far down in the search rank pages that your site might as well not exist at all. Only users with your specific URL (web address) would be able to find you.  That would be a disaster.

Good SEO boosts your rankings and pushes your content in front of the right eyes who are searching for you and your company. If designed well, SEO helps customers feel like finding your business was incredibly easy in an increasingly competitive marketplace.